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Endoscopy Application:

The Endoscopy application is a computerised tracking and traceability software solution designed specifically for use in endoscope reprocessing units. The full floor management system allows the user to record the endoscope decontamination process through manual wash, automated washer reprocessing, storage and finally to use on a patient.
The system is password controlled for management administration purposes. The reporting package allows the user to produce meaningful detailed endoscope reprocessing and endoscope usage reports within seconds.

The system database records every event and builds a valuable history which can be used as an effective management reporting tool.

The Endoscope application can be located on a stand-alone computer workstation or can be networked.

System Features and Benefits

  • Ensure endoscope is fit for use on a patient
  • Set shelf life parameters
  • Produce endoscope inventory, full decontamination and ‘product to patient’ or ‘patient to product’ reports within seconds
  • Record extra processes against endoscopes, washer disinfectors and cabinets
  • Record repair and quarantine history
  • Track the progress of endoscopes through the decontamination cycle
  • Record responsible operator
  • Able to export reports to Microsoft Excel format
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