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Theatre Application:

Theatre application is a computerised system and a fundamental part of our application suite that enables the user to record as a minimum, tray sets, supplementary instruments, medical devices, prosthesis and blood products, to a patient. The benefit of the Theatre application is that it allows the user to produce ‘product to patient’ or ‘patient to product’ meaningful management reports within seconds. The application can be run independently where required.

System Features and Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Able to produce user defined reports within seconds
  • When linked to the application suite it allows the user to locate the position of instrumentation
  • When linked to the application suite it allows the user to view tray set and supplementary item images
  • When linked to the application suite it allows the user to inform the decontamination unit about non compliances
  • Able to record theatre products to a patient
  • Remote assistance available for training and support purposes
  • Able to export reports to Microsoft Excel format
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